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Fashionability is a channel created for the purpose of making fashion and style accessible and inclusive for all!

At Fashionability we believe that style is an inclusive forum, it is a creative outlet and everyone should be made to feel that they have the right to access it.

Founded by UK fashion blogger Emily Davison writer of and US Entrepreneur Laura Legendary creator of Elegant Insights Braille Creations. From interviews, to discussion topics we will be covering a whole variety of different aspects of fashion and style and how to access style regardless of your disability.

Our mission is to enable and empower everyone to be able to access and enjoy style as they wish by providing them with the tools and advice to do so.

There will be many different segments, contributors and features taking place on this channel. With experienced fashion bloggers, professionals in the make up and fashion industry, disability campaigners, disabled models and much more.

There will be plenty of opportunity for you to get involved in what we do and discuss your opinions in a positive manner on the channel, which will benefit everyone.

We will also be covering different organizations an charities who specifically develop services, resources and products for people with disabilities to be able to access fashion, style and cosmetics.

Both Laura and Emily will regularly appear to talk about a number of fashion and beauty topics such as.

-Back to Basics (in skincare, cosmetics, fashion and accessories.) -Product Reviews -Tutorials -Recorded Shopping Experiences -Themed Boos and Series -Monthly Segments

We want to create a place to inspire others to develop their own sense of style and identity and to break away from the misconceptions around disability that society has forged.

We want the fashion industry to understand that people with disabilities do have a place within fashion and we want to see changes occurring within the fashion industry to extend further accessibility and inclusion to its customers with different disabilities.

So, come and join us, have your say, get involved and together we can make fashion a place of creativity, inclusion and one that is free for everyone from all different paths in life to enjoy.



Twitter: @InclusiveStyle

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