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Science is great. It gives your brain a work-out and explains how everything in the world works. It's a shame about the boring bits though. But imagine if you could remove all the dull bits and dial up the volume on the really interesting, weird parts of science? Well that's exactly what Geek Chic Weird Science is all about.

Each week neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis & broadcaster (and science lover) Lliana Bird shed light on the strange, quirky stuff you never got taught at school, and provide intriguing insights that you can share around at the pub or at a dinner party. Like... the science of lesbian orgasms, Vulcan telepathy or squid-inspired invisibility cloaks. There's also plenty of exclusive interviews with some of the worlds most interesting and quirky scientists, like the Professor leading the research into teleportation, or the molecular biologist who uncovered the true identity of Jack The Ripper, or a paranormal expert...So if you've ever wondered whether you can you wipe your memory of a heartbreak, turn peanut butter into diamonds, or save a life with a crisp packet, then these are for you