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Days of Our Lives
  1. Xerxes Desai, former Vice President and MD, Titan Industries
  2. Anup Agrawal, Kanhaiya Lal Saraf, Banaras
  3. KK Sharma, SG Group, Amritsar
  4. Lakhwinder Singh Ahuja, Shyam Singh Ahuja, Capital Studio. Amritsar
Euro 2016
  1. European Nights - "CampeƵes"
  2. European Nights - La Furia Roja
  3. European Nights - Velvet Revolution
  4. European Nights - Battle of Britain
  1. Decoding the Assembly elections 2016: Assam special
The Mint On Sunday Podcast
  1. The Technological Indian
Days Of Our Lives
  1. The toymaker of Channapatna
  2. Anupam Gupta, owner, Apsara Theatre
  3. Shahzad Ali Khan, a sales representative at Marks and Spencer, Delhi
  4. Profile of Snowhite salesman by Ashwaq Masoodi
The Union Budget
  1. Budget 2016: Editor's View
  2. The Budget And Investors
  3. The Budget And Young People
  4. The Budget And Politics