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Poet & Radio Presenter

Mr Gee: Presented BBC Radio 4's "Rhyme & Reason", "Bespoken Word" & 'Poetic Justice". Founding member of Chill Pill Collective.

Starred as "the poet" for the West End run of "Into the Hoods" Was the "poet laureate" for Russell Brand's SONY Award winning Radio Show (yes I was there during "Sachsgate")

Supported Russell Brand on the "Messiah Complex" tour (first performance poet to do a set at the O2, in front of 16,000 people!), Had a cameo role in the film "Get Him To The Greek"

Writes current affairs poems for BBC regional radio & National Prison Radio.

"A charming and politically articulate street poet” - The Times

The Post - Brexit Blues
  1. Tryna Sound Intelligent #10 - The Post-Brexit Blues pt 1 (With George The Poet)
  2. Tryna Sound Intelligent #11 - The Post-Brexit Blues pt 2 (with Suli Breaks)
Tryna Sound Intelligent Podcasts
  1. Tryna Sound Intelligent #18 - Putting the Word To Rights (Final Show)
  2. Tryna Sound Intelligent #17 - What is Unconditional Love? - Why are "Hoteps" problematic? - And Who are you gonna call?.... #Ghostbusters
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  4. Tryna Sound Intelligent #15 - Why are there so few Black people at Festivals?
Poetic Justice
  1. Poetic Justice (Ep1 Treadmill)
  2. Poetic Justice (Ep2 Hope)
  3. Poetic Justice (Ep3 Crossroads)
  4. Poetic Justice (Ep4 Reflection)
Random Musings
  1. The Tale of the very first Monday
  2. "More" (Celebrating #VEDay70)
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  4. Beauty & the Beast
Matters of the heart
  1. What Words can fail to say (a failed Valentines Poem)
  2. A Cold Winters Day
  3. Exchanging Smiles
  4. brussels Sprouts (A Valentines Day drama)
Live on Stage
  1. A Ticket to Fly (Live from BBC Radio theatre)
  2. The running man (live from BBC radio theatre)
  3. The Back of the Bus (live)
  4. Fight Night (Lennox Vs Mike Tyson 2002)
Music Tracks
  1. My Failed Mixtape
  2. The Re-evaluation Vs Wu
  3. Cuts Both Ways (early demo)
  4. A Cold Wind - Fold (featuring Mr Gee)
Random Radio Appearances
  1. Mr GEE: The Russell Brand Show - Lyric Writing Special
  2. A Ticket To Fly - Notting Hill Carnival Special
  3. "Beauty & the Beast" - BBC Radio performance
  4. The Running Man - (Live performance feat BeardyMan)
News Poems for Radio
  1. "More" (Celebrating #VEDay70)
  2. A Room Full Of Whispers #GE2017
  3. The "Ballot-Box" Blues
  4. Advice on using the N-WORD