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The most high profile and successful businesses recognise the value of good PR; if they didn't, you wouldn't have heard of them.

At PReach we aim to provide the very best service to our clients. We make sure that we are at the cutting edge of our industry in order to keep our customers ahead of their competitors.

PReach is one of very few specialist PR 2.0 agencies in the UK. All of our press releases are supported by digital technology; depending on the nature of the client and their needs. We understand the importance of creativity. Just because something is text based doesn't mean it can't be engaging and be supported by additional content such as videos.

Every day a new website or social media platform is released and we make it our job to ensure our clients utilise them to their advantage. We do our research and we understand what works. Just because your competitor is on Facebook and Pinterest doesn't mean you have to be too.

To stand out of the crowd you need to be different and that's what we do best.

At PReach we don't just sell public relations or social media services. Instead, we act as trusted business advisors that look at your objectives and the results you are trying to achieve and construct a tailored and measurable communications plan to reach them.

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