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WOMEN’S PODCASTS Irreverent interviews, life stories, conversations & debate. Where WOMEN do the *talking * "Pirate Radio for Vogue Readers" Zoe Williams Guardian Journalist

”Gorgeous Gossip is laugh out loud in the kitchen radio!” Sarah Jewellery designer London.

“There is something for everyone on @Radio_Gorgeous it’s fun, edgy and sometimes quite controversial!” Susan Cowe Miller Therapist " Hampshire

" I am addicted to these podcasts, they cheer me up and entertain me - good to know there is good stuff out there for women over 45+ Thanks Radio Gorgeous" Tania Artist New York

“My new crush. Radio Gorgeous. For women. By women. You’ll love it divine Radio Gorgeous" Tessa - Food Marketing Chiswick London

"Radio Gorgeous is my weekly fix of interesting theatre to consider, authors to hear from, books to read, countries to visit, and is always feisty, female and fabulous - a tonic in the in-box!" Celine Musician San Francisco

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