The National Trust for Jersey, in collaboration with Jersey Archive and Audioboom Ltd, need your help to collect the sounds of the Island’s coastline during 2016. It could be the sounds of gulls, the crash of waves, or the general sounds of the summer as people enjoy the beach.

To get involved, all you need to do is upload your recordings using the free Audioboom app or a web browser. You can record the sounds of our shores on your smartphone, tablet computer or handheld recorder.

When uploading your recordings via Audioboom, add the tag #lovejerseyscoast. This project coincides with the 10th anniversary of the National Trust for Jersey’s Coastline Campaign. Which was established in 2006 to ‘establish a campaign fund to acquire areas of coastline for permanent preservation and public access, to implement a programme of coastline management and restoration and to bring to public attention the continuing threats to the natural beauty, wilderness and heritage of the Island’s coastline’.

The National Trust for Jersey, Jersey Archive and Audioboom Ltd thank you for your interest in the ‘Sounds of Jersey’s Coast’ project.

Terms and conditions: Copyright in the recording will remain with the recordist in all cases. Once uploaded to Audioboom, recordings will be available for unlimited listening through the Sounds of Jersey’s Coast channel and embedding via the Audioboom widget into third party websites without restriction. At the end of the project, recordings will be archived at the Jersey Archive under a CC-BY-NC license. Jersey Heritage, The National Trust for Jersey and Audioboom Ltd will be able to use recordings to publicise the Sounds of Jersey’s Coast project without restriction so long as proper attribution is given to the recordist. Things to note: If recording at your place of work, please check with your employer first, and be careful that you are not betraying any client confidences. Staged or recorded musical or spoken-word performances are subject to copyright restrictions and should not be recorded. If recording wildlife, please ensure that you do not disturb the animals in any way. If you are unsure, please contact your nearest wildlife authority.