Spiritual Minds is a radio network run by Yokas Music, a non-denominational, christian radio show. we have been on the Internet Since February 2015 we are an independent group; our only allegiance is to the Word of God, and Yokas has an heartfelt desire to teach it accurately, and that by the Holy Spirit of God.

We are supported and funded by the listeners, the like-minded few and concerned listeners from all around the world, if you wish to send us a donation you can email us at with subject line "Donation For Spiritual Minds" about the host, Yokas Boslarelli is a Music Artist, Sound Engineer, Song Writer, Film Producer, Poet, Long Board Skater, Radio Host & Christian who is blatantly and unafraid to come against the powerful institutions of religion discussions of any sort. He doesn't advocate no violence, We battle a spiritual battle where truth and hard-documentation from the written Word of God are the weapons of the day; and are confident that If God be for us, then none can overcome us, knowing that the gates of hell herself cannot prevail.