The Fall Line: a true-crime serial

The Fall Line: a true-crime serial

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For those just tuning in: this passion project suddenly gained attention as we learned the ins and outs of podcasting--including production.

The Fall Line Podcast is a true crime audio serial focusing on marginalized communities in Georgia, and covering one case per season. The first season investigates the March 18, 1990 disappearance of Augusta, GA twins Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook. The twins, who were fifteen at the time, were treated without cause as runaways and their case was closed less than a week after their seventeenth birthday.

Season 1.5, which debuted November 14, covers the case of missing Brunswick, GA siblings Monica and Michael Bennett. Michael and Monica disappeared on June 21, 1989 and were long considered runaways--that is, until their case was reclassified in the early 2000s.

Mastering and mixing by Encompass Podcast Studio

Season 1 episode theme music courtesy Valentin Sosnitskiy CC by 1.0

Season 1.5 theme music by RJR

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