James Richardson and the Totally Football Show team are here three times a week for the 2020/21 season. On Mondays, it's the Premier League; on Tuesdays, we're all about Europe; and on Thursdays, we'll wrap up everything from midweek and look ahead to the weekend

Totally Europe
  1. Endemic stagnation
  2. Pinball machine
  3. Messi of the middle class
  4. Money greedy piranha
Zonal Marking
  1. Zonal Marking: Bayern's treble winners
  2. Zonal Marking: Spain’s tournament trilogy
  3. Zonal Marking: Mourinho's Porto
  4. Zonal Marking: France at Euro 2000
Totally World Cup 2018
  1. Put the church in the centre of the village
  2. La fin
  3. Tools, moustaches and thermal exhaust ports
  4. Wrest from a particularly pleasant dream
The Totally Football Show
  1. It’s time for the big coat
  2. Official board games partner
  3. Leaving your feet exposed
  4. Could he be any more prolific?