The Speakers

The Speakers

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Welcome to the online gathering & archiving zone of 'The Speakers'.

  • A project which is both a physical installation and process of giving-voice to the textual realm.

-Designed to occupy & transform public spaces, creating a kind of worm-hole between people & spaces, real & digital, past & present, local & global.

Here we can record & tag our spoken contributions and/ or listen through the collection.

The idea is for a moment, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes..

..and collectively to build a whole flock, or gathering of peoples experiences, which we can walk within and draw threads between.

More Info:

The next manifestations in 2015:

Aug 21-23rd - Traquair Festival of Humans Rights, Scotland

Sept 9-12th - Teatri ODA Festival, Prishtina, Kosovo

Sept 25-17th - Travellings Festival, Lieux Public & INSITU Marseilles, France.