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Welcome to VipAdvisor on AudioBoom. Please read our introduction notes below if you are visiting us for the first time:

Introduction: We all make journeys. Those journeys can be exciting, scary, easy, difficult… There are times when we feel on top of the world and times when we feel that we can't cope any more! Vip-Advisor is a place where you can share your stories and gain support from others who may not be able to wear your shoes but, do have an understanding of your perspective. And if you don't need support… Then stay and Help!

Who are VipAdvisors? In short, You are!

Our Focus: VipAdvisors are all on different and unique types of travel and journeys. You may want practical help on getting to the cinema; travelling to a new area as a tourist; going to the theatre; tips on where the most helpful hotels are; booking and going on a holiday or gaining the confidence to join a club/group/church/pub; Discussing changes to benefits; cooking and recipes!

Help and Support: can range from listening to the stories of others; responding to something you hear; offering your advice and perspective… Right through to meeting someone and giving them the guided tour of their destination, which could well be your locality!

Who is Vip-Advisor for? This is not an exhaustive list but, Contributors would typically be: People who are vision impaired; People who may not have sight loss but, know someone who does; Representatives of Organisations or Companies who offer products and services to people who are vision impaired.

Guidelines: Vip-Advisor is not moderated, You are trusted. You are responsible for what you say and Vip-Advisors are encouraged to flag up any Audio material felt to be inappropriate in order that the channel owner or a co-moderator may make further investigations. Contact may be made if necessary with the individual posting content and every effort will be made to be fare. In extreme cases, posts can be deleted and contributors blocked from posting to Vip-Advisor. Channel Owner or Co-moderator decisions are final.

When recording an Audio contribution or posting text or other content, Please only use language you would be happy to use in front of your Grandparents. :)

If you have any questions or queeries, please send a direct Message to one of the administrators.

All together now: So, come on… Make this happen… Be the adviser or ask for advice and make Vip-Advisor what it is… YOUR place for Advice and supportive sound!!