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Walk the Talk

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I have been a police officer for over 20 years. Spending the last 10 years investigating fatal and serious road traffic collisions with all the aftermath that that entails. I am now a detective in a busy seaside resort.

  • Passionate about wellbeing long before it became fashionable.

  • How can we look after the vulnerable we are charged to protect if we cannot look after ourselves.

  • Sharing stories of tradegy AND hope *for there is always hope. *

  • Peer support through a podcast.


Any disclosures made in these podcasts have been previously reported to the relevant authorities.

These are my opinions based on my own experiences. They are not to be taken as fact and my views do not represent anyone else other than myself unless a third party contributor expresses their own views, invited or otherwise.

I exercise no editorial control over those third party views and as such publishing such views are not to be taken as an endorsement.

My aim, in the true nature of journalism is to present all sides of an argument and let you the listener decide.