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RNIB Connect Radio is the UK radio station for blind and partially sighted people to find out what is happening in the community. You can also contribute and share your stories by emailing radio@rnib.org.uk. Get involved and join the conversation.

Other great podcast channels from RNIB Connect Radio

Conversations - Blind and partially sighted people speaking about a wide range of topics.

Read On - The Audiobook show all about accessible reading.

Tech Talk - Technology for blind and partially sighted people.

Sport - See sport differently.

The Happy Hour - Mental health, mindfulness, and overall wellbeing.

Tracks of My Life - Take a journey through our guest's life.

Support - Other podcasts from RNIB.

TV Guide - Daily audio TV listings

Blind Notes
  1. Blind Notes with Baluji Shiravastav
  2. Blind Notes with Robin Millar
  3. Blind Notes with Anne Wilkins
  4. Blind Notes with Ricky McKinnie
Paul Ryb Podcasts
  1. Paul Ryb Podcasts: Employment
  2. Paul Ryb Podcasts: Peer Support
  3. Paul Ryb Podcasts: Sports
  4. Paul Ryb Podcasts: BioTech
Smart With Your Money week In collaboration with Uswitch
  1. Smart With Your Money Week - Dominic Milne
  2. Smart With Your Money Week - Max Beckett
  3. Smart With Your Money Week - Jean Graham
  4. Smart With Your Money Week - Salman Haqqi
A View on Access
  1. A View on Access - Hampstead Theatre Accessibility, The Breach, My Fair Lady, Grease & More!
  2. A View on Access - Broadway Special!
  3. A View On Access - Beauty And The Beast Musical & Coming Up At Birmingham Hippodrome
  4. A View on Access - National Theatre at Home AD Offering