• Dominique
    Depuis 2008, j'aide les freelances à se lancer et à développer leur activité. Après la Minute du Freelance, découvrez mon nouveau podcast, Je Suis Freelance.com, qui vous donne les clés pour comprendre et utiliser les réseaux sociaux.
  • klaraseheult
    Works at EOI Elche in Spain
  • RobDyson
    Senior PR Manager for the young people's charity Whizz-Kidz. A founder member and former trustee of professional body CharityComms, and founder of the 'Third Sector PR and Communications network'.
  • paulkclews
    Dad. Guitar and ukulele teacher and musician. Table Tennis Coach. I love camping in my caravan, & sailing in my Topper. Life time Tory voter.
  • bookapharmacist
    Our primary focus henceforth are: (1) Reflecting on important and relevant healthcare news from various sources. (2) Generating original healthcare news materials of our own. Scope: UK and International audiences. Perspective: Pharmacy
  • crabfists
  • vincentkelly
    Artist & Teacher living in the UK.
  • Walker-B
    Freelance radio producer/ sound designer based in London. Likes stories. More here: https://hwalkerbrown.jux.com/ or here: @HWalker_Brown
  • valthirteen
    Cynical and grumpy.
  • compliancehelp
    I run a company that provides consulting services for the ISO certification and compliance industry.
  • saskia_black
    Ma Radio graduate with broadcasting and admin experience at @SkyNews @LiveatWimbledon @EagleRadio @ILoveChile @CapitalOffical. BJTC MA from @GoldsmithsUoL.
  • susiewarhurst
    Content Editor at Audioboo. Follow me on Twitter @susiewarhurst - get in touch if you're a broadcaster, journalist or podcaster to talk about doing more with audioBoo.
  • darnaalkadim
  • antagonise
    To confront ideas that radically alter our perception of the world is one of life's most unsettling yet liberating experiences.