Juan Epstein
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Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg's 'Juan Epstein' is the longest running and most beloved hip hop nerdcast on the planet. Based in the legendary Hot 97 studios, Ciph and Rosenberg interview everyone - hip hop legends, pop stars, comedians, actors, wrestlers, porn stars, etc. They ask the questions that only TRUE nerdy fans can ask. Past guests include Jay-Z, Eminem, Aziz Ansari, Big Daddy Kane, Ghostface, Diamond D, Redman, Patrice O'neal, and many more! Juan Ep is the place to go if you want to hear these people tell the stories you have never heard and hear them react to and answer questions you can't believe anyone would have the nerve to ask. These are some of the most unique interviews you ever will hear. Hundreds of hours of interview gold.