The Shelter From The Storm podcast documents the complex, varied, compelling and often surprising stories of those who pass through the doors of their Islington-based homeless shelter.​ ​Each story – told in the words of the ​shelter ​guests themselves​ and set to original music – is about more than just the experience of homelessness. It’s about the often tragic but rarely uncommon circumstances that lead to it.

Shelter from the Storm is an emergency night shelter, completely free to guests, providing bed, dinner and breakfast for 44 homeless people every night of the year. We have guests who are fleeing torture, forced marriage, honour crime, trafficking for work or sex and plenty who have just fallen through the cracks of our society. In this series we present stories from these people, in their own words.

Production: Dan Keefe & Sheila Scott for Black Sheep Studios

Recording & Mix: Guilt Free Studios

Music: Daniel Lovegrove

Graphics: Chris Egglestone

Thanks to our amazing contributors who have been courageous enough to share their stories.