The Sound of Home

The Sound of Home

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In this radio documentary Kay Goodridge photographer and writer and Nick Skelton, producer of Clubglobal world music programme, take you on a musical journey through the eyes of several families who have been resettled in the UK. All have been forced to leave their countries as a result of war.

The world is facing is facing its biggest displacement crisis since before the second world war as over 22 million people globally have been forced to seek asylum and to leave their country of origin and cross an international border.

We ask them about their homeland, about their lives now, what keeps their hopes up, and what can transport them back home in their minds. We ask what does home mean to them. Is home a place, a memory, a state of mind or a sound? And if it is a sound or a piece of music, can it take us home?

Sometimes happiness surfaces in unexpected circumstances as they speak openly from the heart. Their generosity of spirit guides the listener through their musical journeys.

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