Centrist Network Podcasts by Uniters.org

Centrist Network Podcasts by Uniters.org

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The High Centrist Definition Podcast

The High Centrist Definition Podcast is a program hosted by Solomon Kleinsmith - Founder, Lead Catalyst & Public Editor at Uniters.org - with each episode looking into one subject in a moderate (pun intended) amount of depth, from a centrist independent's perspective, or one might say - in high centrist definition.

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The Centrist Review Podcast

Of, by & for centrist independents, center-right & center-left moderates - The Centrist Review Podcast is a program co-hosted by:

  • Solomon Kleinsmith - centrist independent blogger, activist and Uniters.org founder
  • Brad Svenson - centrist congressional candidate with the Independence Party of Minnesota

Click here for Brad's campaign website.

Here, centrists and moderates will find an auditory refuge from an American political landscape gone mad with hyper-partisan tribalism, rank political corruption and ideological extremism.

Ideas are more than welcome - please contact us through social channels above, or through our website's contact page.