In recent years, the attendance of major sporting events is declining due to the fact that the quality of home viewing is significantly increased. And such a trend contributes to the rapid development of bitcoin-gambling. The service Jackpot City Canada opens the secret how the cryptocurrency has changed the world.

Bitcoin is a decentralized and almost anonymous cryptocurrency, which, unlike fiat money, is not burdened with all sorts of rules and restrictions. That's why Bitcoin has become so popular among fans of gambling. And if you take into account the halo of public censure that envelops the gambling industry, it becomes clear why not everyone will decide to visit a physical casino or play in an online casino that accepts the usual currency.

Bitcoin also allows you to place and withdraw funds from the game account instantly and anonymously, making the game process itself also anonymous. Moreover, it allows you to be given excitement without leaving your own home, which saves considerable money on flights, accommodation and meals when you visit a physical casino.

Sports rates increase volumes

Rapid growth is observed in yet another form of bitco-gambling sports betting. So the organizers of the basketball tournament among American colleges March Madness assume that this year the volume of sports rates will exceed the mark of 9 billion. The thirst for excitement increases every year and, to satisfy it, many bookmakers accept bets in bitcoins.

Those who like sports betting will especially like bit bets on the betting exchange. If in regular bookmakers, a player can either accept the quoted odds, or must refuse a bet, then on exchanges, everyone can be in the role of both a player and a bookmaker.

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