We can influence others immediately by doing one simple act: by leaving them a letter.

The days tick by and you expect they will keep coming, until the unexpected happens. That’s the thing about life; it’s fragile, precious and unpredictable.

Your mortaility is out of your hands. You and I are ignorant to its inevitability, and it’s taboo to talk about it. I mean, who wants to talk about dying, yet it’s something that’s going to happen to all of us.

How will you leave your legacy. Who and what will be the legs to your legacy?

Why not start by writing a letter to those who matter to you. You will empower them. You will say, you matter to me, and they will feel significant and encouraged.

Start writing letters today, and watch how your impact positively changes the lives of your recipients.

Listen in for HOW-TO write letters that change lives and hear stories of those who have received these positive letters.