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This is exactly, authentically who I am, in reality, in daily life. I do not, and have not ever possessed the capacity to create or affect an online persona. I also do not have the ability to lie, on any and EVERY subject, no matter how upsetting, controversial, or truly raw a topic it may be for any one person possibly seeing, or hearing my content. I hold strong beliefs, opinions, but yet have an immense capacity for empathy, understanding, kindness with random cause, and rarely, a wildly incensed setdown for one who has it coming truly and deservedly, without ever having the intention to say or create words or images to hurt someone intentionally. I value my moral compass and intuition above all. I possess abilities in my very core that many will simply not believe are real or true, and that have forever been a burden, an unwanted and often deeply terrifying set of realities. I deeply believe if you do not like the content someone puts out, that you should use your privilege of choice, and stop, change the 'channel', and allow only that which makes you feel joy, wonder, curiosity and education, into your consciousness. I send light and love into every soul I possibly can. I am a light worker with a foul mouth, a dirty mind, and a dark and often warped sense of humor and of the life we are in. I have deep, extreme trauma, pain, suffering and dysfunction in my every day life, and I am a totally open book about it ALL, for the sole cause of potentially reaching that one soul who needed to hear that precise thing to process their own despair at that moment. I am filled with fire, empathy, darkness, light, and pure, undiluted, fiercely independent fire forged courage, and hard won battles that have given me the joy of choosing to stay alive, in circumstances that have killed more than I can bear to deeply consider. Thank you for being a part of my path, my purpose, and my journey.

KamaroPayne (which is my username uniformly on every social media platform, as well as my email, plus at yahoo dot com) If you are in need, do not EVER hesitate to reach for me. My purpose is to hold you up, help guide you to the start of your path, and assist you in finding your light.