Insights and inspiration from game-changing South Asian women in conversation with Journalist Momtaz Begum-Hossain.

Hello! Thanks for checking out more about this podcast. As a journalist for over 20 years I've had a chance to interview some amazing people and come across stories of individuals that have inspired my own ambitions. We're all in need of motivation to stay in positive spirits and the best way to do this is to hear from others, to remind you that your dreams and ambitions are also possible.

In this podcast I'll be interviewing South Asian women who have all made a difference in some way, be that breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, succeeded in their career or business, or they simply have a special story that needs to be told.

Each episode also features The Desi Woman Reading List where Literary Expert Obie Matin recommends the best books to read by South Asian authors.

I hope you enjoy the show!