The Money Gym

The Money Gym

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Improve your Financial Fitness and Live a Wealthier Life… This new and fully updated audio edition of this life-changing book The Money Gym will enable you to earn more, shed toxic debt, keep more of what you earn, tone your financial muscles and come out winning no matter what the financial market is doing. (Free ebook version at

In this acclaimed 9-step wealth building programme you will learn…

1. How to tap into the 4 major sources of financial independence

2. How to develop the right money mindset and why it’s so important

3. Powerful immutable laws of money that work no matter what the market is up to

4. How to shed toxic debt and build habits that ensure you never get caught again

5. How minding your own business and mastering the internet could be the fastest way to riches

6. Tactics to master cash flow control so that you always know where you are with your money

7. How to save and invest (and know the difference!) wisely so that your pot grows rather than shrinks

8. How to leverage even small savings funds in order to generate serious investment capital, get ready to invest in exciting new asset classes of the future.

9. Why property, and certain other assets, are still more valuable than savings.

Read this book to discover how to – quickly and simply – take control, make much more money and create multiple and passive income streams from your own business, property, the stockmarket and the internet.