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Next Big Thing Show

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Will knowledge of the Next Big Thing make you richer?

Is it your opinion that businesses that dominate their fast growing markets, produce the best returns? If so, this podcast is your chance to listen to the entrepreneurs who are carving out exciting new fast-growing market niches.

David Bradley or fellow presenters will quiz entrepreneurs to see if their businesses will become or remain the most popular with customers in that market category. And if so, will that category actually grow fast (10% CAGR or more)?

Is this podcast for you?

The Next Big Thing Show is designed for: -

  • Investors in startups or companies requiring early stage funding.

  • People interested in purchasing tokens that provide access to Blockchain powered platforms that provide new, market disrupting services.

  • People who might be interested in working with a potential Next Big Thing business, who would like to be paid in (part or whole) shares or tokens.

  • Suppliers to prospective Next Big Thing businesses who would be interested in receiving part-payment in shares and/or tokens.

  • People who want to understand whether or not their business or idea has the potential to become the Next Big Thing within its market - and if so, what must happen.

What the Next Big Thing Show is NOT..


Presenters ask questions to eek out answers from founders and/or their CEOs, so listeners can draw their own conclusions.

It's a chance to hear a voice behind the business plan, prospectus or whitepaper.

Listeners can glean the info, send in questions and use the Next Big Thing Show as a resource for useful research. But remember, Caveat Emptor!