In our culture, there are many dichos (sayings) that become teachings to help us navigate our lives. In our podcast we base each episode on one of these sayings, and other teachings we’ve learned from our mothers and elders. We discuss how these teachings have influenced our lives and how we are becoming Chingonas (badasses) like our mothers.

These are the stories of us; Cristina (@verythat), a queer Chicana artist/entrepreneur whose artwork inspired the podcast, and Carmen (@miss_vidal) a Mexicana who inmigranted to the US to seek a career in design and advertising.

Our stories connect with womxn like us, womxn who also navigate the reality of being Latinx in the US, womxn who want to connect to their culture and want to see it represented in media, womxn who want to hear their voices, their accents and their stories told in a way that is relatable to them.

The format of our podcast is very relaxed, a platica entre amigas (chat with friends), this helps us connect with our listeners by being authentic and allowing them to feel they belong in these narratives. Our chats become a way to better represent our community by openly talking about subjects that connect us with one another or by touching on subjects that are often overlooked in media or not told in a perspective that is relatable to the community.

Our content, our stories, and the way we tell it are more than just a podcast. These are stories that reflect a reality that can help heal our ourselves and our community by unapologetically making and taking space.