The First Podcast

The First Podcast

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Welcome to your new favourite podcast. We've been expecting you. Sit down, close the door, and stick around a while.

Upcoming episode releases:

  • 7/17 Sorrow TV
  • 7/22 Larry Bundy, Jr.
  • 7/26 Sr Pelo
  • 7/31 Max from Cards Against Humanity

Upcoming live recordings:

  • 7/17 Merryweather
  • 7/24 NICKtendo
  • 7/31 Pogo and Tim the Curator

Upcoming guests on the docket:

  • woutmees
  • Hack The Movies
  • Kevin from Thought Cops
  • Pad Chennington
  • Rusty Cage
  • Kevin from Defunctland

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