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(TCHG) Better

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(That Could Have Gone) Better

Do you have thoughts that pop into your head when you’re about to go to sleep? Are there memories that bubble to the surface every now and then, bringing with them the cold-sweat that only embarrassment can provide?

That Could Have Gone (TCHG) Better is a new podcast, hosted by Andrew Hickson. In (TCHG) Better, Andrew will talk to the good, the great, and the grand, and get them to share their toe-curling memories.

In a world where everyone is trying to present the best possible version of themselves, professionally/privately, perhaps airing some of our less polished experiences will be somewhat cathartic and beneficial to all? Well, that’s my theory anyway. I once tried to make a wheel for a go-cart with cereal boxes, cello-tape and stones… so what do I know?!

TCHG Better takes a serious look at embarrassment in the world of international business, and throws a little light on the more humanising stories of the people who work in Localization.