Each week For the Love of the Game meets with the top experts in the youth sports field to provide parents and coaches with the insight, knowledge, and resources they need to ensure kids love what they play.

Season 3
  1. How Coaches Can Learn From Others - John Kessel
  2. How To Help Reduce Official Abuse - Brian Barlow
  3. The Importance of Free Play | Dr. Peter Gray
  4. Working with Parents in Sport | Gordon MacLelland
Season 2
  1. How to Prevent Overuse Injuries | Kyla Hartnell
  2. How to Disguise Drills | Darren Wensor
  3. Why Free Play is so Important | Jeremy Frisch
  4. How to Coach Girls vs. Boys And What is LTPD? | Rick Benson
Season 1
  1. Unleash the Athlete | James Leath
  2. Active Living | Elisa Maruzzo
  3. The Role of Physical Education | Glenn Young
  4. Evidence-Based Implementation | Dr. Joe Eisenmann