The Black Crypt Podcast

The Black Crypt Podcast

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The Black Crypt Podcast is an amateur horror themed podcast which features news of the industry, personal accounts of the paranormal, and history and lore of the unexplained.

[ Our regular programming]

History and Lore: Join us for a history lesson on the paranormal, cryptids, and dark history found around the world.

Scream Streams: Join Tucker as he reviews horror movies currently streaming on media platforms.

Horror Cabinet: Horror game reviews

Bite-Sized Horror: Short History and Lore videos for you ghouls on the go with a schedule.

Horror News

Boos and Booze: Crack open a cold one and come on the show with us to share your supernatural experience! Contact us with your story and you may appear on the show!

Horror and Dark History expeditions: Join us for special presentations as we travel to nearby places filled with rich history and give our first hand take on the place and give you the history we learned along the way!

Black Crypt Plays: For your viewing pleasure we give you our attempt at a handful of games.

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