The Beats & Balls Show

The Beats & Balls Show

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On Beats & Balls athletes, of the professional kind, talk to us about sport and music. It's not too deep, we have fun interviews and they share stories on the role music played/plays in their lives. Oh, and we my have a killer play list at the end of the series.

Beats & Balls is hosted by the dreadlocked Jordan Jarrett-Byran( Channel 4 News sports reporter/ Paralympics broadcaster) and he is joined by his mate Zeke. Jordan has be known to read the proper Channel 4 News, from time to time. Zeke has wanted to.

Episode guests .. Former Wimbledon FC Crazy Gang member, Brentford FC and Jamaican International Marcus Gayle reveals his top five tunes of all time, the music of the Crazy Gang dressing room. The music that was really played on the Jamaican Reggae Boyz World Cup 98 bus, why Arsene Wegner blocked the plug sockets when the Crazy Gang came to Highbury and bizarre ways of celebrating a Tony Yeboah goal.

Not enough? We can jam and pack some more.. The dynamic footballing twins of West Ham and Gillingham Womens teams Mollie & Rosie Kmita let you know who is best selector for car journeys, who bosses the dressing room duke box( should that be bluetooth wireless speaker?) and which musical icons they compare themselves to.

Saving the best to, well, till we did the interview, retired Team GB Olympic sprinter Jeanette Kwakye, now a busy bee sports broadcaster, shares a track side tale or two. You have one where Jeanette lets us in on what track based athletes are listening to on their BIG headphones. The other tale is about the unexpected message that Whitey Houston sent her while she was focusing on her final Olympic race.

Enjoy, we will be back next month, for more athletes sharing insider stories about their sport and music.