My name is Silas AKA S!lecta. I was born and raised in East Oxford, which I am very proud of. Since I left Oxford, however, I have battled with my identity as an Oxfordian, after having to tirelessly enlighten people about the alternative Oxford that isn’t represented in popular media. People just don’t seem to see the Oxford I see and know.

Students of Oxford and Brookes University make up only around 20% of the population yet seem to contribute more to the stereotype of a young Oxfordian.

In fact, the Oxford I see boasts the third highest ethnic minority population in South-East England. The neighbourhoods in Oxford I’m most familiar with are amongst the 20% most deprived in England where 1 in 4 children live below the poverty line and 22% of adults have little or no educational qualifications.

I wanted to talk to people who are from the same place as me and have gone on to do great things with their life and see how they have explored their identity as an Unfortunate Oxfordian

DISCLAIMER: I am aware a person from Oxford is known as an Oxonian, however, Unfortunate Oxfordian just has a better ring to it!