PodX is Ireland’s first business of podcasting conference bringing together the leading producers, strategists, technologists and thinkers behind the podcast industry in Ireland and internationally.

INM, in conjunction with LastCast Media, held the inaugural PodX at The Academy, Huckletree Dublin, in September 2018. From measurement to monetisation as well as the future of audio, PodX was widely praised as an informative and much-needed conference to shed light on the podcast industry, what works, what doesn’t, the science and data behind measurement and KPIs, as well as informative discussions on content and paid v free audio.

Listen to the PodX conference talks and also hear more great speakers and experts on a monthly basis in our new PodX podcast, giving you the insights, learnings and strategies needed to understand and know more about the development of the podcast industry in Ireland.

PodX is a co-production between INM and