The HIGH on Energy Podcast

The HIGH on Energy Podcast

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Are you sick of feeling run down and fatigued? Is every day a struggle just to get through the day? Do you feel so exhausted that you can't even make plans?

Welcome to the HIGH on Energy Podcast, hosted by sought-after Functional Nutritionist, Kendra Perry, where she discusses cutting-edge Functional Health strategies to take you from burnt out, exhausted and fatigued to energetic, healthy and vibrant.

Every week we discuss everything from hormone imbalance, digestion, and gut health to detoxification, minerals and functional testing PLUS actionable tips and tricks that you can start implementing into your life TODAY!

Kendra is a leading functional nutritionist and educator who takes complex information and scientific studies and breaks them down into a fun and easy to understand format. As a previous burnt out mess, Kendra has reversed her own chronic fatigue and done the same in thousands of her clients.

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