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Maine Road Ramble

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Maine Road Ramble is a Manchester City focused podcast originally created by Kevin Nelson and Ger Deegan, who met while writing for SB Nation a few years back. In it's present state, the Maine Road Ramble team is made up of Ger, Andrew Dettmer, Jon Ashley and Joe Ricci.

The podcast structure is quite loose and conversational with the banter ranging across all aspects of the game, including tactics, analytics, match recaps, and much more. Thanks to the size of our team, we also provide a couple of specialized series, such as transfer targets, legal ramifications, etc. 

Looking to have the latest and greatest on all things Manchester City? Have a listen and interaction is encouraged so please get in touch! You can find us on Twitter @MaineRoadRamble or via email at maineroadramble@gmail.com. Reach out with any questions, thoughts, or suggestions and we'll be sure to mention them on an episode. Thanks for all the support!