Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out this trailer episode of “Follow the White Pixel”.

My name is Greg, otherwise known and MadMonty, but you can just call me Monty. Now that you’re here, what exactly is this Podcast about? Well, I wanted to make this podcast to take a deep dive into the history of gaming of both modern and retro titles as well as what those games have meant to those that play them. We are also going to explore some video game folklore as well as some more general topics like “Games are Art”, which happens to be the title of Episode one!

Future episodes will feature interviews with content creators, and hopefully developers that wish to share their stories from the front lines of game development. We will also cover upcoming games at times and new releases, as well as a few of the mainstays of gaming in our modern day such as Streaming and some Esports talk sprinkled within here and there.