Heii. Yo. Sup. I am. It’s a pleasure, truly. No I don’t speak aloud. I only whisper in my dreams. I only speak to P. ‘Who stole your voice?’ She’s the cutie on the other side of the bar. Come closer baby. I can’t hear a word you’re saying. I catch her gaze and say nothing. She can’t look me in the eyes. She tries to looks down tries again rips her gaze away tries again. Third times a charm, she starts bawling. She crawls into my arms. She runs away. I chase her down an abandoned highway at dawn. She’s ripping her tiny frame out of my arms over and over and over again. I am running after her. I dip my head when she bows her chin. My hands are on her cheeks. I am directing her face. I am putting mine right in front of her baby blue puffy eyes. I am not wiping her tears. She is throwing a fit. I am graceful. I am faith. I am standing still. I am waiting. She is a brat. She is mean. I am kind. She is sweet. I am a brute. I am meek. I lie. She only tells the truth. I cry all the fucking time, but not now; now? Now I am the stoic boy by her side. Now I am home. Now I am. These are my names. Isabella Marguerite Gauthier, P for short. Sport. Kid. Goofball. Fucker. Foley for formalities sake, Foley in full soldier’s drag, Foley is a Pirate of the nastiest type. Real fucking bratty, baby baby baby! Jaguar when I’m feeling close to my wild childlike nature. J names fit me like a glove. Don’t call me Jenny! Lovey Dove. Diva. Bitch. Mommy? Love of your life! My love. Please baby, say it, Sage Sage Sage. Sage! But you can call me anything you please. The love of my goddamn life is Daisy Jade. I ride a Friesian. Her name is a secret. I am who I say I am. I lie. I'm yours. I lie here, cuffed to this bed. I'm not waiting. I'm not praying. Now I lay me down to sleep, 'keep me!' I dream. You say. I am.