My darling, tell me you are desperate for home. Tell me you’re coming. Tell me I will be the sacrifice. Tell me the summer is melting everything. Tell me to smile for all the same reasons you’d rather be screaming. Tell me of this hatred. Tell me you’re dying to kill something. Tell me, where do you think this violence is coming from? Get up! You’ve been lying down all day. That floor is disgusting. Those walls are sweating. Condescending tones and masterminds in disguise. Supposedly they love you. But what kind of love dangles you on a string? What kind of love threatens you? Is it material gain? What’s to get from a desire so shallow? You’re drowning in a spoonful of spit. Whose mouth is provoking you? Saliva has a powerful influence over the bodies receiving. Don’t swallow him. He’s a liar. Don’t swallow her; she’s got a hunger for the meat on your bones. Don’t believe me. I’m a liar. Just run baby! Get the fuck out of there. Come home.