Remain and Reform is the podcast for socialist Labour thinking on why we should remain in the EU, and why we should reform it to create a true socialist network of countries built for the many not the few.

Each week we'll be joined by Labour and European Socialist activists, European and UK MEPs and trade unionists, MPs, think tankers, commentators and even the odd voter to talk about why Britain's best future, and Labour's best future, is in the EU.

Every week we'll explore the following questions:

Why is remaining in the EU the best choice for Labour, for the communities we represent, and for workers' rights, environmental protections and industry?

What does the European Left need to do to reform the EU along socialist lines, and how does Labour play its part, both through our MEPs in the European Parliament, and once in Government in Westminster?

Stopping Brexit is not about maintaining the status quo. It's the first step to creating a radical, socialist future. Join us!