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Hello and welcome to a podcast on football shirts!

Kitted Out is a podcast series where I, Ollie Shepherd, will take an indepth look into a different shirt each episode. With a team of guests and experts, we will try cover everything around the shirt that is possible.

The podcast started on A Team Of John O'Sheas and I would like to say a massive thank you to all the team there for allowing me to use thier platform, assiting me with editing and teaching me all I know now! Kitted Out started through my university dissertation where I created a mini documentary on football shirt collections. I have a love for audio and video so there are plans to grow both the podcast side and visual side.

Join me each month (hopefully!) to look at a new shirt with a team of experts as well as a new series with Richard Johnson of The Football Attic. Want more football shirt content? Why not follow me on Twitter!

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