Jess is a wife, actually, a Housewife, a REAL HOUSEWIFE who loves all things pop culture, Bravo, the amazingness that is a Lifetime Movie, reality TV, oh, and of course her husband and two dogs too. While Jess' sister in law can beg all she wants for she and her husband to make the move over the hill to suburbia aka Calabasas, Jess will always be a Westsider.

Listen in as Jess recounts juicy stories from her past, including a decade full of cavorting around LA, being a former Hollywood nanny and encountering certain other Real Housewives. Jess also dives deep, sharing her lifelong struggle with food and weight, a decades long Eating Disorder, her complicated relationship with her mother and her affinity for therapy.

When Jess isn't hosting her podcast, blogging, doing laundry, cooking or ordering sh*t on Amazon she can be found at Soulcycle, getting a mani pedi, walking her dogs, aimlessly wandering the aisles of Whole Foods or listening to a real crime Podcast.