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The vital podcast for parents. Hear the vision, ethos and aspirations of Heads of schools to make better, more informed choices for your children.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the Headteacher to a school. They are the conductor, shaping and structuring the very fabric of an environment that supports children to grow and prosper, both academically and socially. If only there was a way to hear what they’ve got to say at a time to suit you and not just Open Days.

That’s where the Talking 2 Heads podcast comes in; a series of 30-minute interviews with head teachers from ambitious schools in the country from reception age up. Real people sharing their approach, thoughts and future plans that you can access on demand. Your child’s education is about more than just Ofsted reports and results tables.

It’s a truly powerful way to connect with potential schools on your wish list. And maybe add a few you hadn’t originally considered.