A Retro Inspired Cocktail Podcast Party of Intriguing Anecdotes of Histories, Scandals, Popular Culture & Hot Mess Struggles. Come Sip By Me.

Guest co-hosts are invited each week to discuss anything from true crime, documentaries, cults, royal families, plane crashes to paranormal tales over their favorite wine, whiskey or sparkling water (everything's better with bubbles). And what else do you talk about when you meet someone new at a classy soiree? Guests share their personal stories, amusing thoughts, and interests. Of course, don't forget the occasional vice as well- celebrity gossip & Reality TV (that's like watching "living history" or maybe like the Animal Planet Channel with human psychology thrown in- not buying that?). Well at the very least, it is watching a train wreck in action and/or an inspiration of "what not to do" - for those who do not want to admit that they like it. No judgement here because this is definitely the most unscholarly podcast- so pour a glass & bring on the scandals!

Explore for more articles relating to history, true crime and mysteries…consider it an after-hours private party for one.