A Retro Inspired Cocktail Podcast Party of Intriguing Anecdotes of Histories, Scandals, True Crime, Popular Culture & Hot Mess Struggles.

Guest co-hosts are invited each week to discuss myriad accounts of true crime, documentaries, cults, royal families, plane crashes to paranormal tales over their favorite wine, whiskey or sparkling water (everything is better with bubbles). Guests share their personal stories & commentary. Of course, don't forget the occasional vice as well- Celebrity Gossip & Reality TV (we call ourselves social anthropologists). No judgement here because this is definitely the most unscholarly podcast- so pour a glass & come sip by us!

Explore for more articles relating to history, true crime and mysteries…consider it an after-hours private party for one.

  1. Disasters. The Ohio Prison Fire w/ The Cult of Domesticity
  2. Disasters. Sinking of the El Faro w/ The Cult of Domesticity
  3. Disasters.Granite Mountain Hotshots with Carrie, The Vocal Fries
  4. Disasters. Watching Omayra Die w/ Lessons From Lifetime
  1. Cults. Synanon & Missing Rose Lena Cole w/ The Cult of Domesticity
  2. Cults. Kiki, Do You Love Scientology w/ Jodie, Realitv Podcast
  3. Cults. Upper West Side Cult: The Sullivians with Liz, Bloody Date Night
Pop Culture
  1. Popular Culture. Reality TV w/ Reality TV & Me Podcast
  2. Popular Culture. Marrying Millions w/ Katie Hamilton
  3. Popular Culture. Girl Code w/ Jodie, Realitv Podcast
  4. Popular Culture. Care or Don't Care w/ Jodie, Realitv Podcast
  1. Hipstoric. Famous Groupies w/ Brianna, Murder Dictionary
  2. Hipstoric. Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy w/ Histories, Mysteries & Conspiracies Podcast
  3. Hipstoric. The Tragedy of Sylvia Plath's Death w/ Liz, Perhaps It's You Podcast
  4. Hipstoric. Jackie Kennedy & Lee Radziwell with Jodie, Realitv Podcast
  1. Paranormal. Creepy Places with Tara, 3 Spooked Girls
  2. Paranormal. Haunted Castles w/ Courtney, The Cult of Domesticity
  3. Paranormal. Trunyan Cemetery with Adriana, Accio Politics! A Harry Potter Podcast
  4. Paranormal. Tourist Destinations with Human Remains, Jodie from Realitv Podcast
True Crime
  1. True Crime. The Murder of Frank Lloyd Wright's Mistress w/ Realitv Podcast
  2. Cults. Synanon & Missing Rose Lena Cole w/ The Cult of Domesticity
  3. True Crime. Wells Gray Murders w/ Say What, SheShe?!
  4. True Crime. Linda Velzy Murder In The Dead of Winter w/ Shannon, Lessons From Lifetime
  1. Scandals. Al Capone and Syphilis w/ The Real Housewife of The Westside
  2. Scandals. Bold Lip Friday Happy Hour w/ blonde UNFILTERED
  3. Scandals. China's Organ Trade w/ Blonde UNFILTERED
  4. Scandals. FDR's Mistress w/ The Real Housewife of The Westside
  1. Royals. Tragedy of Prince Philip's Sister, Nazis & Plane Crashes w/ The Real Housewife of the Westside
  2. Royals. Princess Beatrice is Getting Married w/ Lessons From Lifetime
  3. Royals. Prince Harry's First Love: Chelsy Davy w/ Realitv Podcast
  1. Mystery. The Murder of Sir Harry Oakes w/ The Cult of Domesticity
  2. Missing. Sharon Ivy Jones & Camisha Hollis w/ Say What, SheShe ?!
  3. Missing. Korrina Malinoski and Her Daughter Annette w/ Lessons From Lifetime
  4. Missing. Missing in South Carolina w/ Shannon, Lessons From Lifetime