Want an all-in-one health, fitness, mindfulness, mindset, motivation, personal development, wellness and meditation coach in your pocket? Then Wellfulness is for you; a podcast to help you get fitter, healthier, eat better, feel less stressed, less overwhelmed and anxious, and feel happier.

From food, to fitness and body, to space, ritual and routine, and your mind; we'll bring you different wellness practices and ideas, secret tips and hacks, plus help you apply mindful awareness to each one to consider how it can serve you on a holistic level, ask, ‘does this have a place in my life?’, and ultimately help you create a healthy mindset, stay motivated and put together authentic wellness strategy, designed for you, by you.

This is Wellfulness, a podcast based on based the book 'The Wellfulness Project', hosted by author Ali Roff Farrar, Mindfulness expert, yoga teacher and Wellness Director at Psychologies Magazine,  and James Farrar, Top Body + Mind coach, Trainer at LiveNow Fitness, Model and Actor - plus special guests along the way!

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