Welcome to the Secret Lives of Bodies.

What would your body say to you if it could talk?

Well, it does talk to you, and to all bodies around you, all of the time. Yet the rise of workplace stress, anxiety and burnout, suggests that perhaps, we are not great at listening to it.

My name is Letesia Gibson and I'm a body-oriented coach. Following my own burnout several years ago, I have radically reimagined my own relationship with my body and have since then been geeking out on all the psychology, biology, neuroscience, and the eastern wisdom of how we can use the intelligence in our bodies to better guide us in life.

I'm now on a mission to transform workplace wellbeing by helping people to better connect to their bodies and to master its intelligence to improve how we relate to one another in a way that fuels nor drains our wellbeing. I believe that by having this new form of self-insight, we have everything we need to be in charge of our own wellbeing and to create a positive experience of work.

Over the course of the podcast, I invite you to join me on an intimate journey of self-discovery and truth, as we meet those whose bodies have taken them to the edge and back, and we are inspired by unconventional experts who are here to share their wisdom.

I look forward to seeing you and your bodies there.