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Always Be Vibing

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Hi, we’re Lisa and Lisa and we want you to… Always Be Vibing!  If you’re curious about how to live with more joy in your life then follow along our journey. We have candid conversations exploring high vibe concepts and tell you how we incorporate them into our everyday relatable lives. We bring you tips, tricks and a bit of science in a playful and honest approach with lots of laughs. I’m Lisa Marie, a Nashville-based songwriter turned Music and Mindfulness teacher living in Ontario with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a fabulous  firefighter husband.  And I’m Lisa Linden, an unapologetically obsessive dog mom living in BC with a million dollar view and a husband... who’s priceless!

We've been living a more joyful and happy life full of unexpected abundance and we're here to take you along our own journey to show you how these mind-body-spirit concepts have worked for us, and how it can work for you too!

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