Every day visual art is transformed and improved, reaching a new level. A picture now means a lot more than just an image. Visualization in the musical sphere constantly improves. From a professional supply, the clips are like short movies. Many watch them and get aesthetic pleasure. But, probably, few people know how live pictures accompanying the music series, online casinos, which have existed for many years, appeared and developed. Many experts were able to identify the main psychological factors of this game. As the results of numerous works later showed, it is music that helps to tune in to Cinema game and make the right decisions.


If you imagine a music video as a kind of film, then it began to emerge at the end of the 19th century, with the advent of cinema itself. Music was the first soundtrack visual. At a time when people have not yet learned to voice the characters on the screen, in the halls of cinemas sat either one musician or an entire orchestra. A whole group of people worked on each film, which consisted of a composer, performers, and director. Music and image were already connected to each other. The melody prepared the audience for plot twists and conveyed the atmosphere of the picture.

Also, in 1894, such a concept as an illustrated song appeared and spread. Edward B. Marx and Joe Stern broadcasted static pictures in parallel with the live performance to attract the attention of the audience.


Walt Disney and his funny symphonies and Max Fleischer with the cartoons "Screen Songs" took the world one step closer to the emergence of music videos to which we are accustomed. Disney had musical cartoons, in which several compositions were played, whereas Fleisher, aside from sketches was still and a semblance of modern karaoke. The audience had to sing the words while watching the ball jump over the words.

All of this promotional campaign

In the 1950s, television and advertising developed rapidly. The mind of the average person (a resident of the city), became dependent on visualization. Now broadcasting has become another good way to spread information about products, including music. Clips perfectly coped with the task of promotion of performers and their compositions.

"Dáme si do bytu" ("Let's get to the apartment") is one of the very first promotional music videos in history. It was created by Czech Director Ladislav Richman in 1958. It is something reminiscent of the usual live music. But so far there is an abstraction of cinema in it.

Rock'n'roll fever

The Beatles at the peak of popularity: they are the idols of almost all young people. They needed no introduction in promotional campaigns whatsoever. But fans wanted to see their idols more often because they had few concerts and records. There was not long to wait. Already in 1965, the group began producing music videos. They were distributed, broadcast to other countries, mainly in the United States. This was done in order to create a presence effect without giving personal performances in different countries and cities. The clips were small sketches shot in the Studio like "Day Tripper" and "We Can Work It Out".

Then, after the Beatles, in every sense, the coup began to appear videos of Bob Dylan ("Subterranean Homesick Blues"), Pink Floyd ("Scarecrow"), Nancy Sinatra ("These Boots Are Made For Walking") and many other artists.

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