'Da Revolutionary Book-Trap
'Da Revolutionary Book-Trap

'Da Revolutionary Book-Trap

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Black Hammer presents 'Da Revolutionary Book-Trap hosted by Chief Diakiesse(Dia) & Chief Nyah!

'Da Revolutionary Book-Trap is a Political Education series created by the grassroots Revolutionary organization, The Black Hammer!

Here on DRBT, we 'slangin insight on why & how African & Colonized peoples have come to be dominated by wyt power, capitalism, & imperialism thru 'da breakdown of Revolutionary literature!

Each month we choppin' up a new book so we can politicize the world around us & discuss what we 'gotta do bring our people into organization, ya heard?!

Catch a new podcast episode every Friday & tune into 'da LIVE broadcast of 'Da Revolutionary Book-Trap every Sunday 'mornin at 11am EST from the Black Hammer Facebook Page!

Find out more about the Black Hammer by 'visitin www.BlackHammer.org!