Welcome to the Phuket Academy of Performing Arts Audioboom space. Here you will find our Song Crafters podcast series.

Pete McDowell hosts the Song Crafters Podcast. He began writing songs at aged 14 completing 2 EPs with his first band in the early 2000s. After obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Popular music at college, Pete went on to study the advanced inner workings of composition at university, graduating with a BA Honors degree in Music Composition. Since moving to Thailand Pete continues to perform throughout the luxury events sector and is currently working on a new album with his original band in the U.K.

Pete joined PAPA to inspire a younger generation of musicians, and continues to achieve outstanding results with our vocal students. His students have gone on to win local and international music competitions, write their own music and become fully fledged recording artists with their music on iTunes and Spotify, and perform on some of the world’s biggest stages playing international music festivals and opening for international superstars.

With his relaxed demeanor and genuine interest in the craft of songwriting, Pete interviews both novice and professional songwriters, gaining insight to their process in writing songs from the initial inspirational idea through to the recorded product.